Extensive efforts for the revival of forests, affected by the bark beetle, in vain due to irresponsibility of the Members of the Chamber of Deputies


Categorizing “stickers” attached to certain people have a very bad reputation, especially if they are attached to Members of the Chamber of Deputies. Unfortunately, categorizing is the nightmare of today. One of such ugly stickers was “attached to the so-called amendment to the Hunting Act issued on 2 June approved in the fall of last year.

What was the amendment about?This amendment introduced controlled hunting of ungulates based on the level of damage caused by these animals. All that with the intention to get the forest a chance to recover.

Wild animals mainly damage trees

You might think it is all nature, but ungulates and other wild animals can do a real damage.Wild animals damage around 75% of young deciduous trees every year, and the total damage per year may reach astronomical amount of money. This is why the amendment to the law was introduced and was presented to the parliament by experts of the Czech-Moravian Hunting Union. Unfortunately, all efforts have been done in vain. The amendment is still in the approval process, but no one knows when and if it enters into force.


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What experts say

Zdeněk Vermouzek, an expert from the Czech Ornithological Society, has said the following:

“Creating a natural balance has always been extremely difficult. Here, however, the Members of the Chamber of Deputies, who voted for the amendment, clearly showed that they do not care about a functioning balance at all. Our hopes that our forest will finally get a chance to recover and become healthy again are slowly disappearing.”

Milan Hron from Pro Silva Bohemica adds:

“The majority of members of the Chamber of Deputies are willing to a change their minds if the situation changes and if hunting is justified. Well, the situation has changed. The numbers of ungulates have been rising again since the last vote in 2019…

And Bohumír Nekola (Chairman of the Association of Hunting Land Owners in the Czech Republic (SVHP)) explains:

“From the point of view of small owners of hunting lands, this is another slap in their faces. Citizen-owners are punished for ownership, just as their ancestors were punished for ownership under communism. This time the punishment is at the economic level.”

Preview photo: Pixabay

Source: http://zpravodajstvi.ecn.cz/?x=2704381, https://www.dewolf.cz/blog/jak-se-zbavit-kurovce/

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