Exotic radishes in your garden


A radish is an excellent plant with tasty red and pungent fruits. But make no mistake, there are many more radishes than the typical red and pungent fruits and they are certainly well known. Let us take a look at few of less common radishes.

Just check with any garden store and get advice. They will surely tell you which radish you should try. There is an abundance of colours and shapes you can choose from.

When you are in the garden shop, you may ask for the following

If you want a delicate taste and white fruits, get the popular white radish. When the harvest come, you will have little and perfectly round fruits, but if you are looking for an unusual shape, look for Daikon, which produces long white roots that look like icicles.


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The large Giant radish (Raphanus sativus)looks great on sandwiches and anywhere where you need nice brindle colour decor. Its white pulp is slightly purple and will please your taste buds and your eyes. Giant radish grows slower though. And if you want something truly unusual, get the Helios variety, which produces yellow bulbs. Helios is little sharper and hotter, so maybe you should grow it together with other varieties because not all consumers may appreciate the sharpness.

How to sow radish properly

proper sowing is important if you want to enjoy a successful harvest. Individual plants should not be closer than 3-4 centimetres. So be careful when sowing or you will need to thin the rows later. Proper distance is necessary if you want to have beautiful and large radishes. And when should you do the thinning? Well, as soon as the first real leaves will appear.

Observe proper watering and fertilizing requirements. If you do, all you need to do is toobserve how your plants grow. And don’t forget that you can sow radishes several times during the season. Your own veggies are so much better than the ones in supermarkets, right? So you should really sow several times.

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