Essential oils are great but some of them may be harmful to your health

Essential oils

They are 100% natural yes, but you should not interpret this statement as safe to your health. If essential oils are used incorrectly, they can cause many problems – from breathing difficulties to burns.

Originally, essential oils were intended only for aromatherapy, but today people used them much more frequently. However, do not forget that many procedures involving essential oils should only be performed by experienced specialists. This also applies to certain oils that are commonly available in our stores.

Pay attention to labels

Essential oils are not the same as aromatic or fragrance oils. Aromatic oils are synthetic products. This is why they release various aromas, for example, fruits aromas that cannot be obtained by natural processes – except for various citruses.

Essential oil

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You should also know how oils are produced. The cheapest oils are obtained by steam distillation and the most expensive are produced by enfleurage (first, soaked in fat and then distilled). These however, tend to be stiffer and unsuitable for aromatic lamps.

Watch out for cinnamon and mint

The rule of thumb says that children under three years of age should not use essential oils at all (you can use softer hydrolates instead). And keep in mind that mint can cause respiratory problems in children up to ten years of age! Further, mint is not suitable for people suffering from epilepcy attacks, asthma and for people who are very sensitive to menthol. Mint aroma should not be used in baths because it has a hypothermic effect.

Cinnamon is dangerous for a completely different reason – if it is used often, it can cause an allergic reaction even in people who otherwise do not mind cinnamon at all. Thanks to its warming effect it is often used in home beauty products but you can replace it with a cedar or juniper and still have the desired effect.

Further, don’t forget that some essential oils can interact with some medications including hormonal contraception. So, if you are not sure visit an experienced aromatherapist to avoid unnecessary problems.

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