Do you want to have beautiful petunias this year? Here is what you should do


Do you love the sight of beautifully coloured “waterfalls” of flowers on your balcony? Would you like to give your petunias everything they need, but you are not sure what it is exactly? If you have not been able to take care of petunias so far, here is a little advice.

Petunia × atkinsiana is available in many colours.This is probably why it is so popular both with professional and amateur gardeners. Carrying for petunias is not complicated at all, you just need to pay attention to certain details.

Correct fertilization is particularly important

Petunias have a well-developed root system, which means that they need plenty of soil. One plant needs about 5 litres of soil, otherwise it will not thrive. Pots on balcony do not usually provide that so, you need to focus on fertilization.You may not be aware of this, because many of you simply buy petunia seedlings in stores and they need the first dose of extra nutrients two weeks after germination.


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So, what nutrients?Nitrogen is most important, but as soon as petunias start to flower, you need to add a larger dose of phosphorus and potassium. And iron is also important – if petunias lack iron, their leaves turn yellow and you can say good bye to rich bundles of flowers.

What else should you watch out for?

Petunias do not like dense planting. Five litres of soil per plant is the minimum and do not try to pack them tightly together. Dense packs are prone to powdery mildew and later gray mould. Both of these diseases can quickly kill your flowers.

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