Do not use Chinese cinnamon, use the real stuff


Do you have cinnamon at home? A simple question which should have a simple answer – yes we all have, however, not everyone actually uses this well-known spice as often as it deserves. It is usually available ground or in the form of sticks. The first is used for seasoning and the second is ideal for mulled wine or for adding aroma to desserts or drinks. Where does cinnamon actually come from? Do you have a real cinnamon in your kitchen or the Chinese cinnamon that is not so good? We shall answer these questions in the following lines.

Where does the real cinnamon come from?

From an evergreen tropical tree. The cinnamon tree is a strong growing tree capable of reaching heights of up to 15 meters. The bark, from which cinnamon is produced, is peeled from the tree twice a year. It is then dried and rolled into neat rolls. You can buy the whole rolls, crushed or as a fine powder.


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Chinese cassia cinnamon

You can buy both true cinnamon and the Chinese variation known as cassia. It is imported from China, Vietnam and from some other locations in Indonesia. It is unusually hard, dark brown and has strong pungent taste. That would be acceptable but if often contains a toxin called coumarin, which is dangerous for the human body and causes dizziness, drowsiness or headaches. The true cinnamon comes from Sri Lanka, Seychelles, Madagascar or southern India. It is much more fragile and it is rolled in thin slices and resembles a cigar. Most importantly, it does not contain coumarin!

Real cinnamon gets your blood flowing

True cinnamon has an irreplaceable place in folk medicine. It is used
as a prevention of heart attacks, Alzheimer’s disease, or possibly even blood clots. It improves memory and concentration and last but not least, it reduces blood cholesterol and blood pressure. You can boost the healing power of cinnamon if you add honey to the mix. An interesting fact: cinnamon is sometimes used as a fertilizer for indoor plants.

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