Do not throw away sour milk. There are several ways to use it


None of use likes to waste food, but all your good intentions may not always be enough. Sour milk will “happen” sooner or later to any of us. It is just a matter of time, and when it does, do not throw it away – even if you hate sour milk because you can still use it for cooking, for making cottage cheese or to clean jewellery!

If fresh milk turns sour, you can still consume it

Well, only milk that just turned sour at a room temperature may be still used in “food” production or for consumption. You can make curd cheese out of it and to do so, heat it to 40-50 °C and let it drain in a strainer lined with a suitable fabric. An ordinary cotton cloth is great for example.

Let the boiled milk drain overnightin a cold room and in the morning you have a fresh, homemade cottage cheese waiting for you. Consume immediately. Try it with fresh bread. It is excellent.


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Sour milk may also be used for cooking

You do not like cottage cheese or do not feel like making it? We understand but still, do not throw the milk out. You can use it in recipes that require fermented milk (kefir). For example in pancakes or various buns. Cooking or baking the milk will make it safe for consumption.

Jewellery cleaning

If you do not want to consume sour milk you can use it to restore your home jewellery. It works both for jewellery or precious metals.Put your jewellery in sour milk overnight and rinse in the morning, polish with a cloth and dry thoroughly. Your jewellery will look great again – no need for expensive cleaners.

Do not throw away something that you can still use. Whether you follow the zero waste trend or you just do not like to waste, using sour milk is definitely a step in the right direction.

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