Do not throw away potato peels; they are healthier than the potatoes themselves!


Do you love potatoes? If you do, then you are part of the vast majority of Europeans and indeed of all inhabitants of the globe. But as you know, we only use the tuber or better known as the root. You peel your potatoes and then throw the peeled skins in the trash, or some of you may use it for compost, but nothing else. This is not the way to go! Peeles are much more useful than the actual peeled tubers themselves. Don’t you believe? Then read on and you shall be convinced.

Potato peels maintain blood sugar and cholesterol levels at bay

Potatoes contain a huge amount of fibre hidden in the skin and we all know that fibre is great for the digestive system. It raises blood sugar levels. Potatoes are excellent supplement for diabetics because they break down rather quickly and are a rich source of carbohydrates. Fibre also lowers cholesterol levels in your blood. Therefore unpeeled potatoes should definitely have a place in your diet.

Are you overweight? Unpeeled potatoes are you a friend

Potato skin also offers an optimal solution for people who want to lose weight. Peels contain less fat than potatoes and a very small amount of cholesterol. You may either eat the whole potatoes or try baking the skins in your oven to make excellent skin chips. Eating potato skin chips will make your hunger disappear quickly and you will not even feel guilty!

potato-skinsPotato peels: Photo Pixabay

Boost your immunity

These days we read everywhere about how to boost our immunity. Thousands of pages are out there, especially in connection with various fruits and vegetables, including potatoes, but the peels are somewhat forgotten. But they are full of vitamin C and other vitamins belonging to the B family. In addition, they also contain calcium. Some sources even say that they prevent cancer related diseases.

Other remarkable use of potato peels

Once you peel your potatoes do not throw the peels away. There is another use. Peels include phenols and antibacterial agents. Potato skins can actually lighten dark spots on your skin and yes, they should gradually disappear. Further, peels can help you to cure burns and they actually work much more effectively than many bandages. We also know about antibacterial effects of potato skins and they are indisputable, but how about this. Broth made out of potato peel can naturally darken in your hair.

Potato: Photo Pixabay

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