Compost versus manure. Which one is better?


When growing different plants, sooner or later you will face a dilemma: “manure or compost?”. But if you have both, how do you choose which one is better for each plant? Before you decide it i important to understand the difference between manure and compost.


Manure is a direct waste of animal origin. The most popular animals that produce manure include cows, chickens, horses and goats. Manure is generally considered too strong to be used for direct planting. Its chemical content is too high and it can actually kill some plants. Do not use fresh manure directly on plants.


Compost is an organic matter that is created when various waste materials break down over time. It has a dark colour, a crumbly texture and it is rich in nutrients. It is created by mixing a “brown waste” (dried leaves, cardboard and paper) and a “green waste” (kitchen waste). The matter is let to decompose until it becomes useable. You can purchase compose as a final product or you can create your own.

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When should you use manure?

Very important is to know the source of the manure you are going to use. If you plan to use cow, chicken or goat manure, let it mature for at least six months. Fresh manure from any animal is not good direct fertilizer because it can kill your plants. Make sure to mix manure thoroughly with soil.

Compost versus manure

First, prepare the soil properly so you can get the most out of your plants. If the soil has suitable and balanced nutritional value, you will get the best harvest. Rich and well-balanced compost works like a magic and thanks to its non-aggressive nature you may use it almost any time.

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