Cinnamon for your house plants?


Some tricks that people use to improve the growth of indoor plants may sound crazy. The good thing is, that these tricks often do not require much effort and are very cheap. Take for example cinnamon. Everyone has it at home but not everyone knows that it can be used as a growth enhancer for indoor plants! Let us take a look at the alternative uses of cinnamon.

Cinnamon repels insects

Do you have ants in your home? Well, if you do, try using cinnamon because ants do not like cinnamon all. Sprinkle cinnamon around your indoor plants and that’s it. Ants will walk around from now on. Cinnamon also repel mosquitoes and you do not need to sprinkle a lot around the flowerpot for example. It is very aromatic, so it will work immediately.

Fungi and moulds

If you notice that your plants have been attacked by a disease or fungus, try sprinkling cinnamon powder on leaves of the affected plant. You can also gently rub cinnamon powder on the surface of the plant so it stays there longer. Pathogens living on or in your plant should stop spreading or developing. It pays to have cinnamon at home, doesn’t it?


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Cinnamon can help your plant to take root

Do you want to help cuttings to take root? Using cuttings to propagate plants is very popular. Cinnamon can help cuttings to take root, and it is quite simple. Just put the cuttings in cinnamon powder before planting. Cinnamon works as an excellent disinfectant and at the same time it stimulates growth.

Did you unintentionally damage your plant? Try cinnamon

Cinnamon can also be used to protect your plants in case of damage. If you have somehow broken or trimmed your plant, sprinkle the cut with cinnamon and it should heal faster, and that is the most important thing. Easy peasy. A little bag of ground cinnamon can go a long way. And it costs almost no money.

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