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People love dogs. Everyone knows that. Every child wants a dog or cat or some kind of cute pet to play with. And there are plenty of articles on the internet telling you how to choose a puppy or how to train your dog. But when your dog gets older caring for it may be a chalenge…

It all depends on the breed

Dogs age approximately four times faster than humans but the average lifespan varies depending on the breed. The general rule says that various “street” breeds live to a very old age (as long as 18 years!) and smaller and medium breeds live around 12 years. Large breeds such as the Irish Wolfhound, the Dogue de Bordeaux or the Great Dane live shorter still – 8 years on average. Life expectancy also depends on genetics, lifestyle and diseases.


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Good nutrition is very important

As the dog ages it is less and less “willing” to partake in physical activities. It tends to sleep or rest most of the time and you must adjust feeding as old dogs gain weight easily. Feed with a lower protein and fat content and adjust the feed dose if necessary. Losing weight at an old age is not easy and it may not even be a good idea. Rapid weight gains may be a sign of parasitosis or another digestive tract problem. If that happens, you should see a vet as soon as possible.

Problems with joints

Older dogs frequently suffer from joint problems. It could be a hip dysplasia, which is a hereditary disorder affecting larger breeds, or arthrosis, which is very common in humans too. Both diseases make joints painful and naturally, dogs do not feel like getting up, avoid stepping on the affected limb or do not want to walk up the stairs. A good preventive measure it to give your dog joint nutrition supplements that strengthens cartilages but if problems occur, you should see a veterinarian.


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Family is everything

Dogs are pack animals and love being in a pack or family… Especially in old age they need company and entertainment. If your dog can no longer handle long walks and run after a ball, you should create different games that you can play indoors or do not require running. Try to devote plenty of your free time to your dog and make his life as happy as possible.

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