Can’t fall asleep and keep tossing and turning? Here are some herbs for goodnight sleep


Getting enough quality sleep is very important for all of us. However, not many of us are able to go to the bed, immediately fall asleep and sleep peacefully throughout the night. There are many things that can prevent you from getting a good night sleep. The first one is stress, bad diet, lack of exercise but also other problems. When you cannot fall asleep you get desperate and often reach for sleeping pills. Well, the next time try some natural methods first.There are many herbs that will help you fall asleep and we shall tell you which ones. Let us take a look at the most popular herbs.

Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) will calm you down

Let us start with a rather well-known herb called Valerian. In the past, it was mainly used in the north to ward off evil spirits and supernatural forces. You can find this plant widely growing in meadows, where the soil is rich and moist, or on the banks of streams and rivers. At the beginning of summer holidays it produces white and pink flowers with rather strong aroma. The roots of Valerian are used to improve sleep.You can cut the flowers to make the roots stronger. If you grow this plant in your garden, you can harvest in the middle of summer, but only in the second year.You need approximately 200 milligrams to experience calming effects. If you suffer from excessive nervousness, fear and stress you may try this herb as well.

valeriana-officinalisPhoto: Pixabay

Common hop – not only for beer production

Who does not know hops? Even if you do not drink beer you at least heard of it. Common hop is an inseparable part of beerBut this climbing plant also has medicinal effects. In the wild, it grows near watercourses, various hidden or unsightly areas and around fences. It is a dioecious plant. Only female plants produce cones. If you wish, you may also grow hops (Humulus lupulus) in your garden. Hop cones are usual ready for harvest in second half of August. They must be carefully collected, dried and then stored in enclosed greenhouses. Anyone handling hops must take extra care not to shake out the valued medicinal powder. You can use hops to make an excellent tea which will improve your sleep or you may use it as an additional ingredient in a hot bath. A fun fact. Hops are also stuffed in cushions… A cushion full of hops makes falling asleep a piece of cake.

Common hop

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Lemon balm – a common garden herb

A great herb that you can grow in your garden, in a box, on your windowsill, or terrace. Melissa officinalis is most often propagated through cuttings, and it will grow well in the sun and in soil that contains sufficient amount of humus.It contains essential oils which evaporate very quickly, so make sure to collect them during the midday. When collecting leaves make sure to separate them from stems very carefully. We all know that tea made from fresh leaves is excellent. Just cover the mug after preparation to retain the aroma. Lemon balm is also frequently used in aromatherapy. It relieves spasms and calms the nerves.

Lemon balm
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Make excellent tinctures from St. John’s wort

You can find this herb in the wild quite easily. You do not need to grow it at home. Hypericum perforatum loves sunny meadows. If you look at it carefully you will see the typical dots. These are glands that contain fragrant essential oils. St. John’s worth is usually harvested in June. Approximately 15 cm long upper parts of the plant are collected and then soaked in oil or alcohol. A fun fact: in the 16th century St. John’s wort was used to fight melancholy…

St. John's wort
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