Can you cut a glass bottle with no cutter?

Glass bottle

Are you a hardcore DIY and have plenty of creative ideas, but do not always have all the special tools in your home toolbox? If you like projects that use various types of cut bottles and turn them into mini-greenhouses or unusual garden decorations, then we have a great news for you. We shall show you how to cut glass and you do not need to buy an expensive glass cutter. We are sure you already have everything in your garage.

All you need is a piece of string or rope, acetone and a little patience. You will use physics to your advantage, i.e. a quick alternation between high and low temperatures.

Get a lighter

Well, you will also use your kitchen,sink (or other suitable container for cold water), the bottle you wish to cut, string, acetone (sometimes a regular nail polish remover with acetone will do), a lighter and sandpaper.

First, wrap the string around the bottle – where you want to cut the bottle. Tighten it just enough so that it doesn’t slip and cut off the rest. Remove the string and soak it in acetone. Put it back onto the bottle and light the string on fire.

Glass bottle

Photo: Pixabay

Once lit,rotate the bottle to increase the burning temperature. As soon as the cut area gets hot, submerge the glass into cold water (preferably with ice cubes). It is the difference between the two temperatures that causes the glass to break and separate right where the string was. It may not always work the first time…

If that is this case, simply repeat the procedure again until the bottle breaks around the rope. Always dry the surface of the bottle before repeating the process.

An additional tip

Clean edges with sandpaper to dull the sharp parts and do it along the inside and the outside edge. If you want to try this process, you should choose bottles with thick walls. Thin glass tends to crack around the line and elsewhere, plus the glass could easily break in your hands.

Preview photo: Pixabay

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