Cabbage-picking time: How to do it


Do you love sauerkraut? Of course you do! This great delicacy is an excellent source of vitamins during the winter. However, to prepare this elixir correctly, you need to follow certain procedures. Sauerkraut can also go bad and you do not want that. Sauerkraut is not really cheap and considering the time you spent preparing and stomping, it would be really sad if this delicacy turns out to be something else. So, what are the most common mistakes?

Cleanness and proper hygiene is an absolute must

You are probably thinking that goes without saying, but we simply cannot stress that enough! Wash your feet thoroughly before stomping! That is if you follow the traditional way. Otherwise, dirt will get into the product and will destroy it. Plus you not want to eat bad stuff anyway.

Insufficient stomping or pressing

You need to get a fair amount of juice out of the cabbage. Cabbage must literally swim in its own juice. Slight pressing followed by storage in earthenware pot is not enough. Do the pressing work thoroughly until the cabbage floats in the juice. Use fair amount of salt, otherwise you will not be able to get sufficient amount of juice out of the cabbage.


Photo: Radek Štěpán

What is a small or large amount of salt?

Salt should be added very carefully. The most optimal amount is 225 g per 15 kg of cabbage. More salt will most likely make the cabbage very sour and practically inedible. Unsalted and insufficiently sour cabbage does not taste good and most likely it will go bad after a rather short time.

Take it easy with cumin and onions

Do not use too much of cumin, as the sauerkraut could turn dark and the taste will not be what you have expected.


Photo: Radek Štěpán

Insufficient amount of juice increases the risk of mould

The juice must cover everything in the pot. To do so, you must put a sufficient weight on the cabbage in the earthenware pot. The weight will keep the cabbage at the bottom and only the juice will rise to the top. Juice acts as a perfect preservation layer and the cabbage will not go bad and you will be able to enjoy this elixir during the winter, and make up for the lack of quality vegetables.



Photo: Radek Štěpán

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