Arugula needs regular cutting


Would you like to have “continuously growing” vegetables in your garden? Sure, ever-growing vegetables are great and arugula is the typical example in this regard. Growing is very easy and arugula contains plenty of vitamins. Leaves of the plant resemble dandelion leaves, and have a typical bitter and rather spicy taste which is great in many salads. So, how can you grow it, why should you cut it regularly and when should you harvest? We shall answer all these questions in the following lines.

Where to grow arugula

You can choose from three locations. You can sow it in a flowerpot, you can grow it even on a cotton wool base. Of course, the easiest way is to sow directly in a flower bed. Arugula needs soil rich in organic matter. If you use high-quality compost, you win. You can sow in your garden in early spring, but if you do it later it is okay to. Seeds are sown in rows, which should be around 0.5 cm deep and the spacing between the seeds should be about 5 cm. We sowed little too many seeds very close and have a rather dense growth, but our arugula is doing great. We just keep cutting and cutting.
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Taking care of arugula

During hot summer days that should come around soon, you need to water arugula more than usual. Daily watering, or watering every other day, is ideal. We water our garden every evening. Arugula needs a well-illuminated place, it will not do so well in a shady spot, but avoid direct sunlight. Direct sunlight makes the plant to grow very quickly and bloom faster. If that happens, arugula will have a rather strong taste.


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A leaf around 15 cm long is ideal for consumption and you should harvest approximately every 14 days. Collect leaves carefully because you do not want to damage the mother plant. Use regular scissors to make clean cuts and your arugula will grow quite vigorously.. Check out our video where we harvest our dense arugula…

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