Apricot planting


Apricots are a very popular and many gardeners plant apricot trees in their gardens, but there are few requirements you need to meet in order to enjoy a successful harvest later. You should definitely start by choosing the right tree, because a healthy tree is the key.

Suitable soil

Choose a warm and sunny location for apricot trees. Soil should be drier with an ideal pH around 7. Light soil is preferred because it puts less stress on roots. Choose a place that is not very windy. As far as the height is concerned, apricot trees should be grown as quarter-standard trees with a free-growing crown (span between individual trees 6×4.5 m), or as wild-growing shrubs with a hollow crown (span 5×3-4 m).

Getting trees ready for planting

Before planting an apricot tree, take a careful look at its roots. Remove all dead roots. Soak the roots in water for at least two hours. before planting. This is very important. If you decide to plant apricots in the spring, you do not need to prune your tree, and if you are planting in the fall wait with the pruning for the spring.

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Tree planting

Dig a hole deep enough and drive a suitable stake into the soil. Young trees need to be supported and stakes make planting easier for you as you can use the stake to support the tree while covering the hole with soil. When you finish covering the hole with soil, compact it well to secure the tree in upright position and then tie the tree to the stake. Water the tree thoroughly (at least 15 litters). When the water soaks to the ground, you can cover the soil around the tree with mulch (bark or leaves).


Apricots need essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Use fertilizer in early spring and autumn. Nitrogen can get flushed out from the soil easily during the winter but if you add nitrogen fertilizer during the spring you will be okay. Fertilize after flowering and after all fruits have fallen down. Aged compost is the best fertilizer. Do not water too much but if you have a very dry summer you need to do some watering.

Photo: Pixabay

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