Alcohol and peroxide can help you to fight orchid diseases


These beautiful flowers usually make us happy until a disease or pests attack them and if they do a quick intervention is necessary, otherwise your orchids will die very quickly.

Sometimes a quite unexpected remedy can come from your home first aid kit or from your cleaning cabinet. So, what are these secret remedies?

When you notice a rot

Basically, it doesn’t matter what kind of orchid you grow as the biggest threat is incorrect watering. If you do not provide enough water the leaves will shrivel and whither, but if there is too much water your flowers may begin to rot. Unfortunately, you may even have brought a diseased orchid home, because orchids in shops are usually watered inappropriately and often only the top is watered.

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Another unfortunate fact is that the rot develops very slowly and you may not be able to notice it for a long time. Watch the centre part of the plant carefully and if it begins to dry you must intervene immediately. It may be too late already though… You probably will not be able to save the heart of the plant, but you might be able to save the whole orchid. How? Try rubbing the affected area with hydrogen peroxide and do it every other day. This will prevent the rot from spreading but eventually the heart dries up and falls off… However, there is a high probability that the plant will form new shoots – keikis and you will be able to grow another one.

Watch out for “sucking” pests

Another sign of trouble includes sticky droplets on leaves and stems. If these appear only the stems, it should be okay as it may be a reaction to temperature changes. However, sticky drops on leaves indicate sucking pests – aphids, mealybugs, etc. Your first aid is to use a fabric soaked in alcohol and carefully rub it on all parts of the plant (including plants around it). Repeat twice a week and if the problem still prevails, and lasts for a month or so, you need to resort to chemical sprays.

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