A simple trick how to “open” pileus of the parasol mushroom and how to make delicious dishes

Parasol mushroom

Do you like huge parasol mushrooms and can’t wait to go to the forest and bring some huge pieces? Best is to find a huge pileus that you can cut and fry at home. Easy. Frying is the best. Well, it sounds easy but because the parasol mushroom is big it will attract other mushroom pickers quickly and you may be out of luck and find only smaller pieces… It is hard to miss a huge pileus in the forest. However, if you are hunting in tall grassy areas it is little harder and you may need to do a real search… We shall share with you one trick that will help you to “open” the pileus of a parasol mushroom. That is if you find one that is worth opening… We will also share with you several ways how to cook this great mushroom.

A bucket of water will do

It is often said that you should leave small parasol mushrooms in the forest until the next day. Yes, that is true but unless you find a way to guard it, some other mushroom picker will surely find it the next day and you will get nothing. So, don’t be afraid to take the entire mushroom. It doesn’t have to be with the ground and mycelium When you pull it out of the ground just cut it so you have it with the whole stipe. Now, put it in a bucket with a little water and in the morning you will find a parasol mushroom with fully open pileus. A little advice. Do not take really young and small ones. It will not work.

Parasol mushroom
Photo: Radek Štěpán

Using parasol mushroom

There are plenty recipes and methods how to cook or fry parasol mushroom but the most common is to wrap it in a triple wrap and fry it like a schnitzel. Some people pre-fry them and freeze them for later use. The idea is to enjoy them during winter where there are no goodies like that available. Parasol mushrooms are excellent when fried in butter with caraway seeds for example. However, they soak up quite a lot of fat during the process. People do not use the stipe because it is hard and therefore not suitable for cooking. But you may dry it and make an excellent mushroom seasoning out of it.

Parasol mushroom
Photo: Radek Štěpán

A few interesting facts

Try collecting parasol mushrooms in dry weather. In a wet environment they quickly absorb water and gradually become unusable. Thanks to its size and resemblance to an umbrella, there are many folk names for parasol mushroom.

Preview photo: Pixabay

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