A short mushroom drying manual

Dried Mushroom

If you buy dry mushrooms in stores you know that they are very expensive, but there is nothing easier than drying your own mushrooms at home. Plus, the mushrooms you buy in stores may be so dry that they may taste like dust and may even turn into dust soon. That is why we have come up with simple instructions that should help you to dry your own mushrooms.

First, clean your mushrooms thoroughly

Use this method for any amount of mushrooms you collect in the woods or grow at home. It basically comes down to how much space you have for drying. Clean all mushrooms – you should remove all impurities, including dust and soil. Cut them into slices about half a centimetre thick . Place slices on a drying sieve (if you do not have a sieve or similar mesh, you can use a tray lined with baking paper).


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Oven settings

If your oven has a convection mode, use it. If not, do not worry, just set it to a baking mode, and a temperature of 75° C. Place slices in the oven. Use a wooden spoon to prevent the door from closing completely because you want the moisture to escape. Leave the door like this for two to three hours and expect beautiful looking and great tasting dried mushrooms.

Mushroom storage

Let dried mushrooms to cool first and place them in an airtight container. Properly dried mushrooms should last for up to one year (especially if you place the container in a dark place). When you need them just take the appropriate amount and pour hot water over them and let them soak for about an hour before use. This will initiate the rehydration process and your mushrooms will become soft again.

Photo: Pixabay

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