A list of BBQ cooking times

Grilled meat

Hot summer days certainly involve plenty of barbeque events. This type of food preparation is quick and convenient but it is also a social event for many of us. Having fun outside on the terrace with a great steak or fish is a bonding thing but to navigate through it easily you need to know how to grill each type of food properly. Each food should be grilled just for the right amount of time. Sure, the time depends, among other things, on the temperature. If you use electric or gas grill it is rather easy to reach and maintain certain temperature, but it could be challenging with charcoal grills. In any case, you should use a thermometer installed in the barbeque grill cover. If you do not have a thermometer do not despair. With little experience you can do just fine. Our barbequing times have been set to cook your meats to a medium level but use our times as a guide. Controlling a barbeque grill is more about feeling and experience, which you gain after several attempts. After that you will become a master chef. So how long should you grill individual meats? Check the following chart.

Beef: The undisputed power of a beef steak

The thickness of your steak is very important. We usually go by these times:

  • beef, 2.5 cm thick – 10 to 12 minutes on direct heat,
  • beef 3 cm thick – 12 to 14 minutes on direct heat,li>
  • beef 5 cm thick – 8 to 10 minutes on direct heat + 10 on indirect heat,
  • giant rump steak – 12 to 15 minutes directly on the grill,
  • genuine sirloin – 1.5 cm weighing 3 kg – 1 to 1.5 hours on indirect heat
  • ground beef for hamburgers and meatballs – 8 minutes on direct heat.

Grilled meatPhoto: Pixabay

Pork: Again, the meat thickness is the most important factor

  • pork 2 cm thick – 10 to 15 minutes on direct heat,
  • pork 3 cm thick – 8 minutes on direct heat + 10 minutes on indirect heat,
  • pork sirloin 1.5 kg and heavier – half to three quarters of an hour on indirect heat,
  • pork sausages – approximately 8 minutes, or as needed.

Poultry: Whole chicken or chicken steak?

It is not a rocket science, but just do not dry the chicken.

  • a whole chicken weighing around 2 kg – approximately 1.5 hours on indirect heat,
  • chicken breast – 10 to 12 minutes on direct heat,
  • chicken wings – 40 minutes on indirect heat,
  • skewer with chicken meat – 8 minutes on direct heat,
  • turkey up to 5 kg – 2.5 hours on indirect heat,
  • turkey cutlets approximately 1 cm thick – 8 minutes on direct heat,
  • goose or duck up to 3 kg – 1.5 to 2 hours on indirect heat.

Grilled meatPhoto: Pixabay 

Fish and seafood: Less is usually better

Fish cook quickly on a barbeque grill, unless you do the whole fish, but even the whole fish will cook faster compared to other meats.

  • fish fillet 2 cm thick – 5 to 10 minutes on indirect heat,
  • whole fish weighing around 450 g – 15 to 20 minutes on indirect heat,
  • shrimp without crust – no more than 2 minutes on direct heat,
  • mussels – 3 to 6 minutes on direct heat,
  • oysters – 3 to 6 minutes on direct heat.

Grilled vegetables: less calories, more fun

Grilled vegetables are a very tasty and they cook quickly.

  • cherry tomatoes – 2 to 4 minutes on direct heat,
  • whole onions – 2 to 4 minutes on direct heat,
  • garlic -50 to 60 minutes on indirect heat,
  • eggplant – slices approximately 1.5 cm thick – direct heat for 10 minutes,
  • zucchini – slices approximately 1.5 cm thick – direct heat for 10 minutes,
  • green beans – direct heat for 8 to 10 minutes,
  • halved early potatoes – 25 minutes on direct heat,
  • halved peppers – 12 minutes on direct heat.

Photo: Pixabay

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