A less traditional use of mint


Who doesn’t know mint? This plant is often used both in households and in the food industry and there are many good reasons. Check products sold in supermarkets and you will learn that it is used in many of them. Food producers or home cooks put it in various drinks and dishes. It is also excellent for certain digestive problems. Mint helps the stomach to excrete the right digestive enzymes and therefore prevents unpleasant bloating. Irritable bowel or similar symptoms will become a thing of the past. It can also prevent colon irritable and other ailments…

Great for oral hygiene

Mint is known for its antiseptic properties and can help eliminate bacteria living in your mouth, or rather the oral cavity, and thanks to the refreshing smell, it also eliminates bad breath. You can simply chew it – a natural replacement for a chewing gum or for mint candies. If you chew the natural stuff it will not last long in your mouth, but it will freshen your breath.

Clears the airways

Mint is excellent for your respiratory tract because it relieves air ways naturally and it is therefore used by people suffering from asthma. It can also be used to fight common colds or even bronchitis. You may also inhale mint but keep in mind that mint vapours are quite strong – nevertheless they should help you to calm down irritated airways. Finally, everyone knows fresh mint tea which is an excellent “life” booster.


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Skin problems and allergic reactions

Antiseptic effects of mint are also used to treat various skin problems. When you have an itching insect bite, mint can help because it can reduce allergic reactions. It contains substances that reduce the negative effects of histamine. Mint can even relieve muscle pain or pain associated with menstruation. Sounds almost like a magic wouldn’t you say so?


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Positive effects on our psyche

Mint can reduce nervousness and stress and in a very effective way because our body responds very positively to an extract from mint and it can even improve our memory and judgment. Plus the smell is refreshing, uplifting and magical!

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