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Eggshells on your lawn and other uses

Radek Štěpán 03. 06. 2023

Do you use eggshells as tiny flower pots to sow seeds? Well, this is a well-known trick, but sowing time is more or less gone. Nevertheless, do not throw eggshells in the trash because you can still use them in…

Calcium cyanamide

Calcium cyanamide – a universal remedy or an outdated relic?

Radek Štěpán 17. 02. 2023

Some of us think that calcium cyanamide is a miracle cure for everything, while the rest of us may be even afraid that it can harm our plants, and as with any myth, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.


Everything about liming

Radek Štěpán 22. 03. 2022

Do you have high demands on the soil in your garden? Do you use it intensively? Do you own a field that gives you solid returns every year? Whatever your situation is, know that any soil loses the necessary minerals…