Hornbeam hedge: Yes or no?


Hornbeam (Carpinus) is a deciduous plant that most of you know. It is an undemanding tree and handles cutting and shaping without any problems. That is why it is an excellent plant for a hedge. Let us tell you something about hornbeam hedges. So, how should you take care of hornbeam and how to achieve the perfect hedge?

A very suitable plant for a hedge

As we already mentioned, hornbeam deals easily with pruning, cutting and shaping. Although hornbeam is classified as a tree with deciduous leaves, its leaves actually only dry before the winter and usually do not fall off. They remain on branches and only fall off when the tree sprouts new leaves in the spring. This is a welcomed benefit and that is why hornbeam is a popular plant for hedges and it is used by many garden owners. Hornbeam will give you privacy in winter too and with minimal care. It can grow almost everywhere So, do not worry!

Do you really know hornbeam?

Hornbeam is a plant with European origin and it is widespread around Europe. Leaves are green and typical for their ovoid-serrated shape. Hornbeam also produces beautiful flowers, especially in May, and that is when your hedge becomes not only functional, but also a welcomed aesthetic addition to your garden. Hornbeam grows to a height of about one meter but you can cut it and modify it as desired. It also handles rejuvenation cuts without any problems. If you do not want to create a hedge, do not worry, hornbeam can also grow as a solitary plant. Another great advantage is that it handlesfreezing temperatures, well so you do not need to worry about wintering.

Creating a hornbeam hedge

So how to create a hedge using hornbeam? It is quite simple. The ideal soil for hornbeam is moist and nutrient-rich soil . Choose as sunny location as possible. However, as mentioned earlier, hornbeam is not very demanding and will do well in worse climatic conditions too. It also grows pretty fast. Use seedlings to plant it. Fit approximately 3 seedlings per one meter. Hornbeam will give you a little extra joy too, because it creates many hiding places for birds and your garden will feel more alive.

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